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Hot Air Oven Series is an ideal choice for quick and efficient sterilization. It makes optimal use of dry heat to sanitize and helps in an effective sample, instrument, or glassware sterilization.

Hot Air Oven Feature

  • Stainless steel inner chamber and powder coated exterior
  • Double wall construction with glass observation window
  • Fiberglass insulation between inner and outer walls
  • Silicon rubber door sealing prevents heat loss
  • Forced convection system with the adjustable air vents provides excellent uniformity
  • Microprocessor PID Temperature Control with LED digital display (Make: Thermotech, Model: PID 415)
  • Simple keypad input allows easy temperature setting
  • Visual over-temperature alarm indicator
  • Shelves: 5 Nos (As Per Requirement)
  • A hot air oven is primarily used for this technique. This technique is suitable for articles like glassware, powders, oil containing materials, metal equipment. Hot air oven works in a manner so that items placed inside the oven don’t catch fire or meltdown.
  • It basically works on the principle of conduction where heat travels on the surface of the material and then to the center of the item.
  • It is called dry sterilization process because the treatment is done by using the hot air.
  • As the air becomes hot, it becomes lighter and moves towards the ceiling of the chamber.
  • When air crashes with the chamber it moves towards the ground of the chamber. This creates a circular motion of air in the chamber.
  • This circular flow ensures appropriate and consistent heating throughout the chamber.
  • This is comparative a long process than autoclaving or moist sterilization.
  • Therefore, a few organizational skills are required if it is used in the medical laboratory, so that operator can make a schedule of the sterilization process.

Technical Specification

  • Heating Chamber Size :               50-100 Ltr.
  • Total Compartments/ Shelves :               3 Nos. (Stainless Steel SS-304) | Removable
  • Compartments Material                 :               Stainless Steel Grade SS304
  • Temperature Sensor :               PT 100
  • Temperature Accuracy :               ±0.5°C (at 100°C) ±1°C (at 220°C)
  • Temperature Range :               Ambient +5-220°C
  • Temperature Fluctuation :               ± 2°C
  • Temperature Resolution :               1°C
  • Type of Door :               Single Sliding Door
  • Material Door and Outer Body :               Mild Steel (M.S.)
  • Parameters of Displayed Temperature :               Time, Temperature settings and Temperature Reading
  • Air Circulation :               Motorised Blower Fan for forced air circulation.
  • Blower Motor :               ½ HP
  • Display Hot Case Temperature :               Yes
  • Inner Chamber Body :               Stainless Steel Grade SS304
  • Outer Chamber Body :               Mild Steel (M.S.)
  • Electricity Input :               220V, 50Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply
  • Power Ratting in watts                                 :               1500W
  • Total Weight Approx. :               65 to 70Kg
  • Manufacturing Warranty :               2 Years Complete Manufacturing Fault

(if found any physical damage warranty not count in under warranty)

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