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Digital Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven Series is an ideal choice for quick and efficient sterilization. It makes…

ROBUST Digital Theodolite ET-202

ROBUST Digital Theodolite ET-202

Digital Theodolite ET-202 (ROBUST MAKE) WITH Optical plummet Having 1” least count and 2" accuracy, 30x Magnification along with all…


Leica Charger GKL112

Product Features Leica GKL112 charger for Leica GEB121 and GEB111 Ni-MH batteries. A country-specific AC/DC…


Leica GKL221 Charger

Features Leica All-in-one charger for GEB111, GEB121, GEB211, GEB212, GEB222, GEB241, GEB242, GEB77, GEB187, GEB70…


Charger BC-20CR

Product Features Simple, low-cost charger for Topcon BT-24Q and BT-30Q batteries. A country-specific AC power…

Pentax Charger STD-C03

Pentax Charger STD-C03

Product Features Simple, low-cost charger for Pentax battery BP02C. A country-specific AC/DC adapter and a…


South Charger NC20A

Product Features Charger for South NB-20, NB-20A, NB-20C, NB-25, NB-28, HB-28, CB28, NB-30B, NB-35 batteries.…


Leica Charger GKL311

Product Features Leica GKL311 charger for GEB211, GEB212, GEB221, GEB222, GEB241 and GEB242 batteries. A…

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